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a day at the Bird Park

So yes I see you coming, you’re going to tell me that the only thing to do at the bird park is to watch birds and yet it’s much more than that. In addition to the many species of birds from all continents, there are also some other animals and above all real experiences to live.

To prove it to you, I’ve compiled the 5 coolest things (no pun intended) to do there.

The bird show

You might wonder what birds can do in a show and well believe me, you won’t be disappointed.. Since the time I’ve been coming to the bird park, I’m still amazed by the show! And everyone takes it full
seen. Wherever you are seated, the different species of birds (birds of prey, seabirds, parrots, etc.) come and go alongside the spectators throughout the theater (yes, the show takes place in a pretty open-air theatre) . There are also things to see on the scene where certain species come to look for food (like the one that strives to strike its prey – a snake visibly made of plastic for the show – several times on the ground) or perch in the trees. Some make a real parade on the ground like the pelicans and their hazardous landing. The whole thing ends in a myriad of colors between the magnificent multicolored parrots and the red ibises which all arrive in chorus for the “final bouquet”. In short, we take full eyes during this big half hour.

Loris Loft

Do not stop at the unattractive name of this place because it contains the most most curious and affectionate in the park. Not only are Loris very colorful birds, but they won’t hesitate to approach you, or even climb on top of you. To ensure more success with them, you can buy a small glass of nectar at the entrance for 1€, but it will not necessarily be necessary. As soon as we entered the aviary, we were surprised to see many visitors with birds on them! On the hands, shoulders or even directly on the head, lorises like to peck at earrings or other objects within their reach. They were also very curious about my phone when I tried to take a picture of them! In short, it is a very funny experience that will delight visitors of all ages.

The food

And yes I put the food in the coolest things in the bird park and for cause. If the various restaurants present in the park resemble the usual snacks of this kind of place, it is not fries and other junk food that are served there. The park makes it a point of honor to solicit local craftsmen and manufacturers and their local products to promote the short circuit. In the end, the menu offers local specialties (Dombes fish…) and the products are super good. We tested the paninis and we were not disappointed! I also recommend the Comté cheese, raw ham, tomato, a treat with real thick raw ham that really gives taste unlike what we usually get with this kind of product! In short, each small restaurant has its specialties and the desserts are not to be outdone with homemade dessert creams or the fruit tart of the day… Food in the park is really something and it deserves to be on this list!


Everywhere in the park, we are surrounded by birdsong, sometimes usual, sometimes much less conventional. The game of course is to find which bird makes which sound and sometimes we are not disappointed. Arrived in one of the first large greenhouses in which the birds roam freely, we are intrigued by a sound that could have been produced by R2D2! We were surprised to see that it was a cockatoo (those parrots famous for repeating words that we teach them) that made this strange noise. But he was not the only one, between shrill cries, extended songs and other whistles, keep your ears open during your ride!

Walk among the birds

I particularly like the spaces in which we walk among the birds like the tropical jungle where the different species are to be observed not only in the air but also on the ground since many of them move a lot with their paws. It is therefore not uncommon to see a bird tumbling out of a thicket, cutting us off on the way. They make their quiet life next to us, some build their nest, others brood or look for food. A good opportunity to observe them (almost) in the wild and to be closer (but we don’t try to touch them
huh, they’re still wild animals).

And also…

Here are some other cool stuff I saw during my visit.

The panoramic tower : it seems that the view is incredible but unfortunately having the
vertigo, I couldn’t get on it so I couldn’t confirm it to you

Butterfly Effect : a new space a little overpriced for my taste (I would have liked to be surrounded by butterflies which twirl all around me, we had to look for them but the hatching of the chrysalises is downright cool)

The Rift Farm with mini goats (too mi-mi)

Hummingbirds and their flight very impressive on site

An owl feeding on a dead duckling, apart from the interest of seeing this
animal in action, we found it rather interesting as recycling 😉

The peacock on the loose who often strolls towards the creek of the penguins

fun facts

During my visit I was also able to learn a lot about birds. (That was also kind of the point)

  • Flamingo babies are gray
  • The so-called “bald” birds have the skin all wrinkled on the skull
  • It’s not pieces of watermelon that are put in the greenhouse of butterflies
    to feed them but foam in which there are several holes which are
    filled with nectar
  • In summer it is the nesting / newborn period and it is rather cool to

In short, I had a great day among the birds and I was amazed. I don’t know if it’s due to the Sanitary Pass or vacation departures, but the park was uncrowded when I went there at the end of July (a godsend for admiring the birds without having to fight to see something). It is one of the most beautiful parks to visit around Lyon, if you have never seen it, take advantage of the end of summer to admire its residents.

Bird Park

🏠 01330 Villars Les Dombes
🚗 30 minutes from Lyon access by the A46 exit n°3 Villars-Les-Dombes. Free parking.
⏰ Open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
💰 Admission 1 day adult 20€, 13-25 years old 17€, 3-12 years old 15€
👉 More info on their website

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