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A couple thinks of adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals the incredible truth!

Mazel’s owners were flabbergasted when the vet told them their new pet wasn’t the big canine they thought they were. This dog – who was not only that – was however going to become a member of the family in her own right.

Recently on tumblr, a woman has told how, before she was born, her parents adopted a dog-wolf hybrid when they thought they were dealing with a classic dog. A story told by the Mirror.

After a period of mourning, Mom and Dad decided to have a dog together, as a couple “explains the author of the post. It was 1987, and his mother had lost her dog, a German Shepherd named cops.

His parents had gone to the refuge of Palo Alto in California, where they had asked if they could adopt a ” big dog “. The manager then told them he had what they were looking for. He had presented them with a female of large breed and for experienced masters, with a reduction on the adoption fees.

The dog weighed 45 kilograms. For the parents, it was love at first sight. They had officially adopted her that day and brought her home. They called her mazelas in the congratulatory formula in the Hebrew language “mazel tov”.

A female dog not quite like the others

Very quickly, the new owners of mazel realized that she was not a dog like the others. In a few minutes, she had managed to unlock the lid of the container where her kibbles were stored in the garage. While cops, he had never touched it in his life, quietly waiting to be served. One day, she had swallowed nearly 2 kg of kibble in secret.

Usually, dogs would just bark when they saw a squirrel, and more often than not they would run after it without being able to catch it. With mazel, it was different; she had tracked down and captured one on 2and day, presenting it to my mother as an offering “says the author of the publication.

The dog had gotten into the habit of opening the outside gate to go out and walk quietly around the neighborhood, before coming home at dinner time. She learned quickly and easily.

His masters were beginning to have some doubts. They took her to the vet, who looked stunned as he finished examining the animal. He came back to the parents asking them: Where the hell did you get a wolf? “. Angry, the practitioner had called the shelter to tell officials what he thought of their approach.

Illustration of the article: A couple thinks of adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals the incredible truth!
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mazel was, indeed, a female wolfdog, with a large percentage of wild canine genetics. She also had a part Siberian Husky.

The only wolfdog breeds recognized by the FCI and the main canine bodies are the Saarloos Wolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Animals that need very experienced masters.

A great nanny

The mother had nevertheless decided to keep mazel. She knew she was ready and had enough experience to handle it. Above all, she was very attached to her.

2 years later, the mistress of mazel was pregnant by the narrator. The dog sensed it and started digging under the fence to get out more often and hunt more squirrels, which she then deposited in front of her owner.

Then, the day before the birth, the future mother was in the hospital. The husband had brought home one of her sweaters, bearing her scent, to give to mazel. The wolf-dog had spent the whole night huddled against the garment.

The next day, his mistress and the newborn had arrived. With the baby mazel immediately showed herself to be extremely protective and benevolent, spending most of her time at the foot of the cradle.

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Illustration of the article: A couple thinks of adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals the incredible truth!
Illustrative photo

At the time, the veterinarian had advised the parents to separate from her before the birth of the child, but the couple had refused. The practitioner had changed his mind when he saw, some time later, the little girl hold the mouth of mazel open and stick his face in it to look at his teeth.

mazel spent beautiful and long years within this family, giving love and happiness without counting to its members. She died in her sleep at the age of 19, marking hearts and minds with her wonderful memory.


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