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a concept store to help you understand and decipher your pet’s behavior

A unique and “pet-friendly” place of discovery, signed Royal Canin, has opened its doors at 126, rue de Turenne, in the 3and district of Paris. For 3 months, cat and dog owners will have the opportunity to live a unique experience and better understand their pets.

You dream of perceiving the world in the same way as Medor ? To understand the expressions of Felix and anticipate their needs? So push the door of 126 rue de Turenne, at Paris. “Discovering Royal Canin” is 170 m2 dedicated to the well-being and health of your favorite hairballs.

© Royal Canin

Behind the bay windows of this new establishment, interactive experiences, meetings, as well as all the know-how of the brand Royal Canin await the owners (or future owners) of cats and dogs eager for knowledge.

This concept store, which opened on January 24, 2022 for a period of 3 months, aims to help them decipher the behaviors, as well as the needs of their faithful 4-legged friends.

© Royal Canin

A unique and innovative structure, which will plunge owners into the heart of the world of Royal Canin and their animal. The latter will have no more secrets for them!

© Royal Canin

An information center dedicated to cats and dogs

The “Discovering Royal Canin” concept store gives life to 8 exclusive and innovative experiences:

  • “An Incredible Adventure”: Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of the brand through a digital and interactive timeline.
  • “Incredible companions”: through a fun quiz, learn to detect the behavior of your feline or your canine.
  • “Incredible Senses”: enter an immersive space and open the doors of animal perception!
  • “Incredible nutrition”: Royal Canin reveals the history of its products and all its scientific innovations.
  • “Incredible puppies & kittens”: choosing your ideal little life companion is not always an easy task. Thanks to this experience and an algorithm, future masters will be able to identify the breed of dog or cat that will suit them best.
  • “Incredible innovations”: as indicated by his name, Royal Canina brand that continues to go further in its research and development process, highlights new innovations.
  • “Incredible moments”: book your photoshoot with a professional to receive a beautiful portrait of you and your furry friend. A snapshot to hang in your home and share on social networks!
  • “Incredible Experts”: veterinarians, breeders, animal psychologists and other professionals in the sector are invited every week to lead conferences and workshops. In addition to discovering various themes around dogs and cats, the public has the opportunity to interact with the speakers.

© Royal Canin

Through this concept store, in which cats and dogs are welcome, the brand demonstrates its desire to be as close as possible to the expectations and needs of pet owners.

Eventually, other emblematic windows will be able to see the light of day on a permanent basis in several major cities around the world.

© Royal Canin

Useful information : 126, rue de Turenne – 75003 Paris. Opening from January 24, 2022 for a period of 3 months. Opening hours: Tuesday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. / Wednesday to Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. To discover the detailed program, go here.

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