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9 accessories to be more efficient

credits: serge jordan

The float tube is an inflatable boat that appeals to many people. By its assets, it makes the practice of fishing more pleasant and more attractive. To combine pleasure and performance, it is necessary to equip the boat with practical accessories. Manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment to optimize the efficiency of float tube fishing. What about the nine accessories to be more efficient in float tube?

Equip yourself with float tube fins

Fishing in a float tube differs from the classic practice by your positioning. In this inflatable boat, part of your body is immersed in the water. To move, you use your feet and hands. Without fins, navigation becomes more complicated and less precise. These accessories enhance the comfort on board a float tube.

By their structure, flippers are a great navigation aid. They allow you to move smoothly from one position to another, without alerting the fish, and without making great efforts. You adjust your boat more easily to cast your lures, which optimizes your chances of catching prey.

To choose the right fins, you have to take into account the size of the body of water on which you are fishing. Opt for a model of long fins if the watercourse is vast, and for a model of short fins for practice on a smaller body of water. Choose from lightweight structure fins which are not likely to weigh on your legs and make your movements difficult.

Invest in an electric motor to optimize your float tube fishing

Float tube fishing is an activity that many anglers consider to be fun. However, it should be noted that it is also a practice that can become energy-intensive if you don’t have the right accessories. The movements you make during practice can quickly tire you, especially in less calm water with currents. You lose lucidity and motivation, which does not allow you to track fish effectively.

To preserve your energy and improve your performance, the ideal is to invest in a float tube with a good power engine and engine support. These accessories allow you to change your fishing spots and go to areas farther from the edge. They make your movements faster without you having to expend energy.

By using your muscles less, you reduce fatigue. You focus on hunting fish, and optimize your chances of making good catches. On the market, the motors are available in different powers. Choose a machine with a lower capacity to ensure the stability of your boat. the engine support makes it possible to position the equipment correctly and preserve the comfort of the fisherman.

Equip your float tube with a sounder

Sounders are no longer just for large boats. Today there are portable models adapted to less imposing structures such as the float tube. These small technological devices are your ally for more performance.

The depth sounder is an essential instrument, especially if you want to optimize your efficiency and achieve a high level of fishing. The depth finder allows you to collect information about the bottom of the waters you practice on. If you opt for a depth sounder with GPSyou can identify and mark areas where you have seen an increase in your productivity.

By reading the bottom of the water bodies, you have more information to better choose your positions, and to deploy your lures for example. The choice of a sounder should not lead to a decrease in fishing comfort. You must position the equipment well so as not to skimp on the space essential to feeling comfortable on board your boat. There is a suitable support that allows you to distribute the weight of the material. One side of the float tube can accommodate the screen and the second the probe.

Equip the float tube with a fishing rod holder

The float tube is acclaimed by many anglers because of its advantages. One of these advantages is the possibility of practice different stalking techniques aboard your boat. All you have to do is equip your boat with a fishing rod holder. These instruments are available in different models capable of carrying between two and 6 casting or spinning type rods.

Being able to diversify your fishing techniques is a key point to achieve performance. Not all fish are tracked the same way. By having different equipment on you, you offer yourself the possibility of hunting several species of fish during the same fishing trip. This optimizes your chances of catching prey. The fishing rod holder allows you to gain in speed and efficiency. Your fishing rods are ready to use, as they are already equipped with lures. So you only have to deploy the right equipment at the right time to optimize your catches.

Opt for a landing net adapted to the float tube

The landing net is the accessory that allows you to recover the fish you have caught. The role of this equipment has a significant impact on your performance. The Energy management is essential for long-term hunting. Battles can cost you a lot of energy, if your prey doesn’t quickly capitulate.

The use of a landing net or racket allows you to shorten the fight. You retrieve the fish faster in the water without having to pull it by the lip. While preserving the integrity of your grip, you reduce the duration of the fight. This allows you to save your strength and focus on other prey. Choose your racket according to the fish you want to track. For large prey, you need a landing net with larger opening. On the other hand, to retrieve small fish, a small model is suitable.

Buy good quality waders

To be more efficient in float tube, it is essential to feel comfortable. Hunting fish in fresh water requires patience. With part of your body submerged in water, you may feel cold if you practice for a long time. This can seriously disrupt your activity or cause you to stop your fishing trip early. For this, having a wader is necessary to be more efficient in float tube. This accessory completes the role of fins: ensuring your safety and optimizing your comfort during practice.

Waders are wetsuits that cover you from shoulder to toe. Often made with a waterproof material such as neoprene, it offers excellent thermal insulation to reduce the feeling of cold. This allows you to fish dry, without feeling the coldness of the water. So you can spend more time on the water.

It should also be noted that the waders offer effective protection against critters and small submerged elements which can potentially injure you. We recommend that you bet on a wader that suits your morphology. Prefer a breathable, resistant and easy-care material.

Opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses

To achieve performance, it is necessary to benefit from optimal visual comfort. On the water, the sun can disturb your view at certain times of the day. Blurry vision won’t help you focus on your business. The sun’s rays cause eye fatigue which can lead you to give up your hunting trip prematurely. Sunglasses with polarized lenses provide good eye protection. This accessory allows you to maintain normal vision.

Reverberation is a phenomenon known to anglers. It is the reflection of light on water that blurs vision. This prevents you from analyzing information on the bottom of the water. Polarized glasses help to suppress reverberation and enjoy good visibility essential for performance. Despite strong light, you manage to locate the location of the fish, to easily distinguish the different elements that are under the surface of the water.

Buy a waterproof bag for good float tube fishing

The interest of a waterproof bag lies in the fact that it is your ally for protect your sensitive equipment to water, and to optimize space. It is important to bring the necessary equipment for a successful hunt for fish. The comfort on board your float tube can quickly be reduced if you do not optimize the available space.

To avoid cluttering the boat, opt for a good-sized waterproof bag. Some float tube models have a seat for the bag. You can store your stuff like lure box, battery, electronics, clothes in the waterproof bag and put it behind. While protecting your equipment, you optimize space. You make your boat more comfortable.

Equip yourself with a life jacket

Ensuring your safety contributes to the achievement of performance. On board a float tube, a small unforeseen event can occur. A submerged object can damage your inflatable boat. Improper handling of a hook can paralyze the operation of your float tube.

The life jacket allows you to swim better to reach the shore if necessary. It is equipment that optimizes your safety on the water, and allows you to enjoy peace of mind essential for concentration and performance. It is also mandatory for fishing in a float tube.

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