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5th stage TNC-Haras du Lion: an open and exciting Grand Cross de Vichy!

For the 5th stage of the National Trophy of the Cross Haras du Lion, and while the various classifications are still very undecided, the Grand Cross du Vichy will offer us a great show on the edge of the Allier! James Reveley, Felix de Giles, Emmanuel Clayeux, Patrice Quinton, or even defending champion Marc Nicolau, all the TNC stars are there to bring an unforgettable race to life this Friday live on France Sire.

It should be off Friday in the Grand Cross of Vichy!

This edition of the Grand Cross de Vichy, which constitutes the 5th stage of the National Trophy of the Cross Haras du Lion, will pay tribute to its defending champion, the little Tequila Sun. This true star of the TNC since its creation in 2020 had won last year for the “Picador” Marc Nicolau, who again brings a competitor this year to the start of this Grand Cross, which pays tribute to Marc Boudot, a figure from the Center- East. The ranking of this 3rd edition is still very undecided, and only Cityclair and Go’N Win, who are in 7th and 8th place in the “horse” ranking, are participating. In the event of victory, they would take place on the podium, but would not take the lead from Lucky Net Love.

On the coach and jockey side, the stakes are there. Patrice Quinton and Emmanuel Clayeux, clearly detached from their competitors, continued their duel on the banks of the Allier with one starter each. As for James Reveley and Felix de Giles, they can also take 1st place among the jockeys if they win! The framework is therefore planted for this Grand Cross de Vichy, which will be followed Friday from 2 p.m. live on France Sire. As you will be able to discover in the detail of the starters, the race promises to be very open, and therefore exciting!

Go’N Win (photo Robert Polin)

1°) GO’N WIN – Marc Nicolau – Kilian Dubourg

Holder of the title with the late Tequila Sun, Marc Nicolau delegates Go’N Win, a cross country specialist from the South-West. She won in Pau this winter and has since taken 2 places on the podium, including a 3rd place in the Grand Cross of Mont de Marsan. A bit barred for victory on paper, this friendly mare will have a lot to do to succeed her former boxing companion on the list, but will take advantage of her seriousness and the mastery of her jockey Kilian Dubourg to try to grab the best allocation possible. .

Premier Cru Nights (aprh)

2°) PREMIER CRU NIGHTS – Emmanuel Clayeux – James Reveley

Representing the formidable Pierre Coveliers-Emmanuel Clayeux duo, Nuits Premier Cru is one of the class horses of the lot, having achieved very good values ​​in the steeplechase. The pupil of the Prost family discovered Cross late in life, but adapted very well to the discipline, never leaving the podium in 3 outings. Good 3rd in the Grand Cross at Lignières, he arrives fresh in this race and will be entrusted to James Reveley. Very versatile and an excellent jumper, he is one of the hottest candidates for victory.

Royal Brunch

3°) ROYAL BRUNCH – Josef Vana Jr – Josef Bartos

Here is an interesting outsider than this Royal Brunch, which is prowled on the cross, and has already proven itself on the French courses. The resident of Josef Vana Jr has just crashed at the very end of the race in the Grand Cross of Strasbourg, when he seemed to have to fight for victory with Lucky Net Love and Vent des Dunes. Presented fairly close, he would like the day’s terrain not too soft and can play a trick on his opponents.

Cooper des Ongres

4°) COOPER DES NGRAI – Christophe Herpin – Clément Lefebvre

He who has just won his first PMU race since his installation in “solo”, Christophe Herpin delegates a first chance in this Grand Cross of Vichy with Cooper des Ongrais. The old warrior from the Trincot family has just been an excellent 3rd in the Grand Cross at Fontainebleau, against strong opposition. Entrusted to Clément Lefebvre, he has already proven his great versatility across France, while remaining extremely consistent. One of our favourites!


5°) CITYCLAIR – Xavier Louis Le Stang – Quentin Defontaine

3rd in the Grand Cross of Strasbourg, very far from the head of the race, Cityclair is a brave competitor, who won this year at Parilly. However, the representative of Xavier Louis Le Stang seems to be boxing in a category a little higher than his own, and is beforehand to be considered for a small place. In case of failure, he can make the finish, but seems a priori barred to play the leading roles.


6°) BLACK’N’ROSES – Hubert Despont – Benjamin Gelhay

Trained by the “local” Hubert Despont, Black’n’Roses is now one of the well-known horses of the TNC. The horse will only have against him to make a comeback, but has many parameters in his favour. He will appreciate a track that is not too soft, will have his faithful jockey Benjamin Gelhay, and is above all a great specialist on the Vichy route, where he finished 4th in the Grand Cross in 2021, and won the 2020 edition. elsewhere never out of the top 4 on the banks of the Allier. Therefore, it must be followed from the outset, even if winning seems complicated for Friday.


7°) BUCEFAL – Augustin de Boisbrunet – Adrien Fouchet

Our dear friend Bucefal is undoubtedly the one who has the best titles in the Cross race. Placed in the Grand Cross de Pau and winner of the Anjou Loire Challenge, he joined the boxes of Augustin Boisbrunet quite recently. With his Friday jockey, Adrien Fouchet, he ran twice this year on the Saumur course, where he won and then finished 2nd. Grandpa therefore gained morale on a less demanding route. It’s all a question of desire with these old leathers, but if Bucefal is determined, he too can claim success, even if he is probably no longer the cross country crack of some time ago.

Baba Stone

8°) BABA STONE – Emmanuel Sayet – Felix de Giles

Pupil and representative of Emmanuel Sayet, who is a lawyer in Vichy and has a license to train, Baba Stone is another well-known element in the Center-East. Very consistent and always giving the best of itself, it will have the disadvantage of making a comeback, but has already run well on its freshness in the past. Entrusted to the formidable Felix de Giles, who is one of our best cross country jockeys, we can count on him to show his worth and participate actively at the finish.


9°) FLAVIUS – Patrice Quinton – Jean-Stéphane Lebrun

Very well born since full brother of the good Elfile, Flavius ​​is the least experienced of the lot, but has already won on the Cross of Durtal. 2nd at Agen not far from Go’N Win last fall, he is the big question mark in the race. Faced with such opposition, he seems to lack a job, and must prove himself, in addition to making a comeback. However, Patrice Quinton does not present it for nothing in this event, and it will be necessary to be wary of it for a place.

Forza Conti

10°) FORZA CONTI – Christophe Dubourg – Esteban Metivier

For the same jersey as Doralou des Bordes, that of Romain Dubois, Forza Conti has never won in Cross, but has shown commendable consistency. In particular 2nd in the Grand Cross du Pertre last year, the resident of Christophe Dubourg has just been second again in the 5800m in Blain. Again, she seems to be one of those crossed out for victory, but she will have a say in the places with her tiny weight and her seriousness.


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