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15 goats and kids attacked and killed by two dogs

A herd of goats and kids was attacked in Narbonne in September, twice. 15 of the 34 animals had their throats cut by two molossoid-type dogs. A complaint was filed on September 13 by the Aude breeder against his neighbor, owner of the 2 dogs who attacked his animals.

The information sends shivers down your spine. The daily The Independent reported on Tuesday September 21 that two fatal attacks had taken place on the same herd of 34 goats and kids by pit bulls during the month of September in Narbonne. Facts that we are able to partially confirm.

In late August – early September, two of a man’s three dogs attacked an enclosure in private gardens where there were 34 goats and kids belonging to his neighbour. Eleven animals are slaughtered. “There was blood everywhere”, told us the police. For the breeder, these dogs were American Staffordshire terriers (pit bulls). He does not complain. The municipal police intervened but could not confirm the statements of the injured breeder. Only certainty, they would be mastiffs. The mayor of Narbonne, Didier Mouly, was notified of this first attack according to his cabinet.

On September 11, two weeks after the first attack, four goats from the same herd were slaughtered by these same neighboring dogs, found in the enclosure. Eleven are seriously injured, particularly in the legs and throat. Total: fifteen goats and kids killed.

The mayor of Narbonne did not wish to react

A complaint was filed on September 13 by the breeder against his neighbor. The victim criticizes the police for not having recovered the two dogs between the two attacks and the town hall for not having done anything. “The procedure requires that the owner of these dangerous dogs be put on notice by an order”, indicates the national police of Narbonne. Problem, Wednesday September 22, the municipal decree of formal notice was still being drafted and the dogs still not recovered for a behavioral evaluation.
According to the office of the mayor of Narbonne, the city councilor was not aware of it. The communication director of the town hall told us that Didier Mouly did not wish to react.

In law, the mayor has police powers over dangerous dogs. Article L211-11 of the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code (CPMR) stipulates that “if an animal is likely, taking into account the conditions of its keeping, to present a danger to people or domestic animals, the mayor or, failing that, the prefect may prescribe to its owner or holder to take protective measures nature to prevent the danger. He can as such, following the behavioral evaluation of a dog impose on its owner or its holder to follow the training and to obtain the certificate of aptitude “.
“In the event of serious and immediate danger for people or domestic animals, the mayor or, failing that, the prefect may order by decree that the animal be placed in a place of deposit suitable for the custody of it and, if if necessary, to proceed with his euthanasia”, can we also read. An owner’s formal notice must normally be addressed to the prefect of the department, to the departmental director of veterinary services, to the person in charge of the place of deposit, to the police or gendarmerie services and to the owner.

These dogs, if it turns out that they are indeed pit bulls, would not have been registered at the town hall as must be the case for first or second category species such as molossoids.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, “since January 1, 2010, any holder of a category 1 or 2 dog must have a detention permit” issued by the town hall.

For this, three conditions must be met:

  • that the owner has a certificate of aptitude
  • that the dog has undergone a behavioral evaluation by a veterinarian
  • that the owner has supporting documents such as dog identification

“A holder of dangerous dog(s) who does not have his license is punished by 3 months’ imprisonment and a fine of €3,750 as well as a temporary or permanent ban on keeping an animal”, says the ministry.

The investigation was entrusted to the national police of Narbonne.

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