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15 Dogs Proudly Wearing Cute Curly Hair

Depending on the coat of dogs, their appearance differs and their charm is expressed in various ways. Some breeds are characterized by infinitely attractive curls that make their owners very proud. Appropriate maintenance is essential to preserve the health and beauty of the coat of our dog friends.

Different dog breeds are characterized by charming curls. As you can see in these photos.

Here are 15 dog breeds that proudly wear their curls.

Komondors are dogs with a strong personality. A rather peculiar and uncommon breed, accustomed to preserving sheep from predators. They will know how to protect their family. Komondors need exercise and plenty of room to run.

Their coat is stringy and requires a lot of maintenance. When washed, the coat of the Komondor must be well dried so as not to smell.

The Irish Water Dog combines the traits of an English Cocker Spaniel with the coat of a Poodle. His overflowing energy makes him love water and swimming. He is indeed an excellent swimmer.

Its hypoallergenic bristles are made of an oil that makes them water resistant. This same component also retains dirt, imposing rigorous hygiene on the dog.

The Bichon Frize is one of the cutest dogs. Her air of plush is due to her hypoallergenic dress. The dog does not lose its hair but requires regular visits to the groomer and quality brushing.

The Bedlington Terrier is an excellent companion dog. Its fluffy, ruffled coat makes it a plush-looking dog. Its brushing must be done several times a week, while some like to reveal its morphology with a cut.

The Pumi, singular of Pumik, does not shed and does not need frequent visits to the groomer or repeated brushing. This herding dog may need its face cleared by freeing it from a few hairs.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a sturdy dog ​​with unique fur. His graying hair is silky and curly. This former rat hunter and herdsman needs regular brushings and visits to the groomer almost 2 months apart.

He led a fairly hard-working life before becoming a dog suitable for family life. Hailing from Flanders, Belgium, this guard dog needs daily brushing to maintain its large curls, as well as plenty of outdoor space to exercise.

This dog needs to be in the hands of a good groomer who will know how to take care of his coat. Her curls should not be brushed too frequently in order to curl naturally.

He is a herding dog who loves having missions to do.

This cross between the Poodle and the Labrador Retriever is still struggling to be recognized as a breed in its own right. It is, however, an extremely sociable dog with a curly coat. The Labradoodle does not shed but needs regular brushing.

With his hair falling over his eyes, the Barbet sometimes wears something that allows him to have an unobstructed view. Regular brushing keeps his hair from getting tangled.

He is a very playful dog who loves to swim.

These dogs with great energy and great agility have a beautiful curly coat. A combing from time to time is enough for them to have healthy hair.

Puli are dogs with very long, heavy and curly hair. Their hair naturally forms dreadlocks that owners decide to either keep, brush out, or shorten with professional scissors.

These dogs are playful and very docile.

Among the most famous Portuguese Water Dogs is Bothe dog of the former President of the United States, barack obama. Her hypoallergenic coat was one of the main reasons she entered the White House.

Regular brushing allows this dog to keep a healthy coat.

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The Airedale Terrier is as funny as it is agile. He doesn’t shed much hair which only requires a few visits to the groomer a year. It is therefore ideal for people with hair allergies.

15. Poodle

All varieties of the Poodle have in common these curls that make them charming. These insatiable players will spend hours and hours back and forth behind the stick their owners throw at them.

Regular brushing prevents their hair from becoming tangled.


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