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10 Most Diabolical Choices To Darken Your Character

The anniversary edition of Skyrim will be released on Nintendo Switch for the very first time, and console owners are very excited to play the DLCs that come with the game. Many more quests, characters, and weapons await players who want to relive hours of gameplay. quality.

Skyrim is one of the RPGs that offers the most freedom to players. They are allowed to do what they want, when they want. Of course, the Dragonborn cannot kill essential NPCs, but when it comes to becoming something or not, whether or not to join a guild, start quests, complete them, or choose when the do, the players have all the control. That said, the Dragonborn can also choose to do the most evil things, and those are the worst of the worst choices.

kill a chicken

The Dragonborn has deadly weapons, magic spells, powerful cries, and human size. He or she can find eggs, chicken breasts, cheese wheels, and other edibles at local stores or in any of the ruins and caves explored. So why would the Dragonborn need to kill one of the harmless, innocent chickens wandering around?

Is the life of a living animal worth 2 life points? It probably isn’t, but for most evil players that’s not the reason you killed one of those farm birds. For them, killing a chicken is fun, because it’s easy and comical. The good thing is that the townspeople have heart and will attack the Dragonborn if any chickens are killed, but the evil player will probably have even more fun killing innocent NPCs defending the birds.

Kill Barbas

He may be an annoying follower who only blasts the player’s stealth with his constant barking, but Barbas is still a lovable and loyal dog who wants to get back to his owner. Clavicus Vile, the Daedric Prince who possesses Barbas, asks the Dragonborn to kill him with the weapon, Rueful Axe, and offers the player to keep it if the task is completed.

For the most cruel players, it is obvious that the life of a loving and cute dog is not worth more than one of the best weapons in the world. Skyrim. It’s one thing to kill skeletons, trolls, bandits, or necromancers, but killing a pup that trusted the player to help them get home is only doable for the darkest of souls.

Betray Saadia

It is unclear who is telling the truth in this quest, but if it is decided to hand over Saadia to the Alik’r Warriors, the player must do questionable things. Gaining Saadia’s trust and then lying in order to lure her to the stables to be taken away by the warriors is only achievable by people who have no remorse.

There are plenty of bad things multiple soldiers can do to a single unarmed prisoner, but Saadia can’t do much to others if she stays in The Bannered Mare and works as a waitress. If manipulating, lying, and possibly sentencing a harmless woman to prison, torture, or even death is seen as the way forward, the player is certainly no saint.

Alongside the perjurers

After completing “The Forsworn Conspiracy” quest in Markarth, the player will be grabbed by the guards and thrown in jail, which will start the “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine” questline. In the mine, the Dragonborn encounters Madanach, the Forsworn leader, and is given the option of helping him and his allies escape or killing them all instead.

Perjurers are quite violent and ruthless. They constantly attack innocent people and worship Daedra and Hagravens. They are quite nasty, but even if they are hostile to the player, the Dragonborn can do evil and free them from the mine to continue terrorizing civilians and disrupting the peace.

Join the Dark Brotherhood

It may seem selfless to kill someone as terrible as Grelod the Kind to free the children of the HonorHall Orphanage from abuse. But when it comes to killings necessary to save innocent lives from violence, this has to be the only one in the Dark Brotherhood questline.

Joining an association of hitmen who end innocent lives for money and tradition is not a very good thing to do. Although the player encounters the best members of the Brotherhood, one has to wonder if the player’s entertainment is worth the lives of innocent NPCs. For the cruelest of Dragonborn, of course, the answer is yes.

Join the Thieves Guild

Stealing people’s property and money is never morally approved. There are a lot of Nords, Bretons, Argonians, Elves and other races trying to earn a living through hard work, so it’s definitely unfair to just go behind their backs and rob them. or break into their home to investigate further. flight.

This is what the player will have to do if they join The Thieves Guild, and if the Dragonborn has the evil personality to be able to do such things to people, they will fit right into the criminal group. But since the most selfish people have to join him, the betrayals should come as no surprise.

Sacrifice a disciple for Boethia

The Dragonborn usually gains the trust of many characters who are willing to follow the player to the most dangerous places in Skyrim. Almost all followers show a high level of respect and admiration for the Dovahkiin and are very loyal to it.

That’s why it takes the coldest souls to sacrifice a disciple for the Daedric Prince, Boethia, in order to acquire one of the most powerful and rarest armors in the world. Skyrim. Inanimate objects aren’t worth anyone’s life, but for some apathetic players, they are. For the record, figuring out who the follower is is worth less and feeling peaceful for killing someone instead of Lydia doesn’t make the player any less mean.

Become a cannibal

Daedric Prince Namira has a loyal worshiper called Eola who can be found in the hall of the dead in Markarth. If they interact with her, players will be able to complete the quest “The Taste of Death” in which they are asked to trick Brother Verulus and lure him into Redcliff Cave to be sacrificed for the cannibals to feast on. from him.

Goading a priest into being sacrificed is bad enough, but actually performing the ritual and then being granted a ring that allows players to eat other humans is absurd. Any good Dragonborn can stop the ritual and kill all the cannibals to save Verulus’ life, but for bad guys it’s better to become a cannibal and regenerate health and stamina at the feast.

Kill Paarthurnax

The Blades are an agency that has protected and tracked the Dragonborn through the ages and can be restored by the player with the help of later members, Delphine and Esbern. At some point in the questline, they will have the Dragonborn kill Paarthurnax, the old dragon who taught mankind how to use the Thu’um.

Paarthurnax has committed atrocities against humanity in the past, but he was only following orders from his evil brother, Alduin. Later, he repented and actually saved mankind, and helps the Dragonborn defeat his evil brother. It is one of the most important choices in Skyrimand slaying a majestic creature that has been vital to the survival of mankind is a choice for the most heartless players to make.

Strengthen the ebony blade

In the “The Whispering Door” quest, players get their hands on the Daedric artifact the “Ebony Blade”. Now, completing the mission and obtaining the weapon does not require any evil deeds from the player, but once the “ebony blade” is wielded, the two-handed sword forces the Dragonborn to slay monsters. parents to strengthen him.

No drafts, ghosts, bandits or any other hostile creatures, but friendly NPCs or followers. Thus, the player is not asked to kill only non-hostile characters, but he or she must assassinate the people who trust the Dovahkiin the most. Killing characters who have already been aided by a side quest or someone who has sworn to carry their burdens is definitely one of the most diabolical choices to make.

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