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10 airplane-approved dog crates

Do you dream of traveling with your dog to the other side of the world, or to a less distant destination, but which requires a plane trip? Contrary to what animal lovers would appreciate, a dog traveling by plane cannot enjoy the same freedom of movement as a human passenger. For obvious safety reasons, but also for the comfort of other passengers, the purchase of a airplane approved dog crate is essential for us to be able to authorize you to board. Depending on the airlines, the type of flight/or and the weight of your dog, you can however choose between a trip in the hold and a trip in the cabin for your four-legged friend.

In both cases, your dog will have to travel in an approved crate, which you can complete with a dog cushion, for example. Today there are many different models. Beyond the approval provided for air transport (see below), several criteria should be taken into account when choosing a dog crate for air travel. With our selection of 10 aircraft-approved dog cages, you have access in a few clicks to the essential models on this market. Compare these different models with each other, and make your choice according to your needs and/or your budget.

Our selection :

  1. Karlie Flamingo Dog Carrier
  2. Transport case Iris Ohyama
  3. Ferplast Atlas Pro 50 transport case
  4. Gulliver 6 transport cage
  5. Beeztees Skykennel Crate
  6. Kerbl 81348 Transport Cage
  7. Moderna transport cage
  8. Martin-Sellier Skudo Transport Crate
  9. Morstone carry bag
  10. Amazon Basics Carrying Case

What size dog crate should I choose?

Crate size is the #1 consideration when choosing an airplane-rated dog crate. Since your dog will have to spend several hours there (waiting time at the airport, boarding time, flight time, etc.), it is better that it is perfectly adapted to his morphology.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to want to buy an airplane dog crate that is too big. In too large a space, your pet will feel much less safe. He could be driven in circles, a situation that can cause stress and anxiety. Without the size of the dog crate either being too small, it is in practice to offer him a space that allows him to adopt a comfortable and secure position. To have the ideal size for a dog crate for the plane, it is necessary to take into account the size of your dog in height when seated, and in length by taking the measurement from the end of the nose to the base of the tail. . Depending on these measurements, you will need to provide a dog crate for the plane that allows your dog to sit without having to lower his head, to lie down with his legs stretched out and to be able to turn around.

Which material to choose for a dog crate?

Unlike the possibilities offered for the purchase of a dog house made of wood, plastic, metal, etc., you will not have the choice of materials for the purchase of an aircraft approved dog crate. . The IATA standard (see below) indeed imposes a fiberglass or rigid plastic hull.

Where can I find an aircraft-approved dog crate?

Directly in store

Larger pet stores often have a range of dog and pet cages. Be careful, however, not all the cages or dog transport boxes offered on the shelves of these specialized brands are approved for transport by plane. It is therefore advisable before making your choice to validate this important aspect with a seller (or via the mention of the approval on the product label).

On the Internet

To take advantage of a wider choice of dog cages approved for the plane, the Web remains an essential partner. On the various e-commerce sites, you have access to a whole range of dog cages for the plane which correspond perfectly to the obligations imposed by the IATA standard (see below). On Amazon, on eBay, on Cdiscount, etc. a few clicks will suffice for you to find the model adapted to your needs.

From airlines

Also note that some airlines may offer dog carriers. Do not hesitate to find out when buying your plane tickets about the possibilities available to you in this area.

Whether you choose to go to a pet store, shop online, or approach an airline, don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your airplane-approved dog crate. A little anticipation will save you the stress of not knowing whether or not you will be able to embark with your four-legged friend.

Which approval to respect for a dog crate for the plane?

To be sure of being able to take your pet on a plane (in the hold or in the cabin), you must first choose a dog crate approved for air transport. So make sure that the selected cage complies with the IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard. This provides, among other things:

  • a centralized cage closing system;
  • the ability to remove wheels from the crate (or retractable wheels);
  • the maintenance of the upper and lower parts of the cage by bolts;
  • a minimum gap of 1.6 cm between the edges of the cage and the edges of the door.

Without this IATA approval, the airline is entitled to refuse to accept your pet. It may also decide to apply a supplement at the time of your check-in.

Some advice to follow for traveling by plane with a caged dog

Have you selected and purchased the approved dog crate that will allow you to fly with your pet? Before boarding, some valuable advice may be useful for a trip with complete peace of mind.

Provide water in your dog’s crate

Some dog owners fear that providing a water bowl will cause the animal to urinate in its crate. In practice, dogs have an ability to hold back urination that most often exceeds the duration of the flight (very long flights often include a stopover during which your dog may be out to relieve himself). On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to choose the right container. A simple bowl of water placed in the cage will not withstand long handling of the cage by the airport or airline teams.

Getting your dog used to his carrier

Between the date of receipt of your cage and the day of departure, gradually accustom your animal to spending time in its transport cage. Some dogs adopt this new space very quickly, others may show some reluctance to enter it. Do not hesitate to motivate him with toys and/or by placing his meal of the day there.

Do not forget the other formalities

Providing an airplane-approved carrier for your dog is fine. But this is not the only formality to complete in order to be able to travel with your pet. Possession of a passport and an up-to-date vaccination status are among the most common formalities. Depending on the destination, other measures may also be imposed.

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